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Weatherproof protection for car, boat, mobile home....

GROJET Wash-on Surface Protector contains wax that clings to a lacquered surface and protects it until the next wash. It permeates all areas where rain and snow may accumulate,e.g., cracks and edges behind chrome ornaments and bumper guards.

Instruction for use:
Wash the vehicle or mobile home with GROJET Special-Shampoo and rinse with clear water.
Shake GROJET Wash-on Surface Protector well, and add 1/2 cap to 5 litres of clear water, stirring well. Sponge vehicle with liquid and rinse with plenty of water. Water will pearl on vehicle surface. Wipe with chamois.

GROJET Wash-on Surface Protector is silicone-free and will not streak windshield.

For best results, GROJET recommends that procedure be followed with regular applications of GROJET High-gloss Sealant to your car, boat, or mobile home..

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