High Gloss Sealant

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Wash-on Surface Protector

Clean- and Polish-Stone

Rain Repeller


This acrylic, hard-surface protector cleans and preserves without polishing
It offers guaranteed protection for car, boat, mobile home, and household appliances...

New, scientifically-based achievements should make life easier and more beautiful for people. GROJET High Gloss Sealant has been developed on this principle. First and foremost here is its environmental compatibility. In addition, application requires only half the amount of sealant and half the amount of time as other products on the market.

cleans, polished, protects, conserves and seals in one operation

removes tar, insects, rust oxidation, decompositions, algae and other contamination

in the household for plastic furniture, stove, refrigerator, washing machine, bath tub, tiles, enamelled basin, armatures etc.

in the office and enterprise for all articles from metal, enamel, window and door glass, window and door frame (also from plastic and light alloy), heating element, all plastics, ceramic containers and plates, marble and cast stone, tiles, laboratory containers and tables, as well as other more

is guaranteed harmless on chrome and paintwork of all kinds (including acrylic and metallic paints) and gives up to 6 months gloss and protection

for car, motorcycle, boat, caravan etc., is guaranteed innocuous for chrome and lacquers of each kind (also acryl and metallic lacquers). Protection and gloss gives up to 6 months

decreased scratch and falling rocks damage

protects against snow water and coal dust as well as other influences of the weather

Instructions for use:
Using a soft, clean cloth, apply a thin coat of GROJET to the vehicle immediately after washing. Vehicle may be either wet or dry. Allow surface to dry, and then, using a normal duster, wipe off any traces of coating. Weathered and unsightly paintwork require more pressure to produce a high gloss. May be applied in the sunshine.

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